I Serve Gladly As A Small Business’
Outsourced Marketing Director.

Also famous for SEO Copywriting and Phenom Keyword Research.

Who I am.

SEO Expert. Writer. Idea Person. Implementor. Let me help you get in front of Google. And make human website visitors convert to customers on line.

What I do.

Write text that sells. Come up with awesome ideas. Hold your hand on digital marketing. I identify the unique character of your business and bring it to digital prominence.

How I do it.

I am inspired by your business. Your situation. Your moment in time to succeed. I gather your courage with mine to go for it. To be in the limelight with a powerful message.

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Laurie Macomber

Small is my sweet spot!

For fifteen years, I’ve been in the business of making digital marketing doable for my treasured clients. I stay ahead of the curve in the hard-scrabble world of online marketing. Find out why my voice message says “it’s 72 degrees and sunny in Blue Skies land!” It has a lot to do with my expertise.

I want to be GREAT rather than BIG. It’s my choice to serve small businesses, with 5 to 50 employees.

Who I am. Small Giant serving Small Giants.

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Laurie Macomber

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Keyword Research is the scientific way you discover what your prospects are looking for online – and what answers your competitors fail to provide. It’s the way to achieve rankings on Google with ‘low hanging fruit’ phrases that others overlook. To their detriment!

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I get it. You’ve hired a web design firm – and they keep hounding you for the content on the site. That means they need your text. Yikes. Maybe you have the ideas… but are daunted by the white page staring back up at you. You can’t seem to fill it up. I can do that for you.

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Small Business Marketing

Forget Mad Men – the martini-infused days of absurd marketing expenditures. I bring affordable digital marketing to businesses that have a dozen or fewer employees and whose success is right on the horizon.

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Need A Speaker For Your Event?
I make sense of Internet Marketing. I understand your audience. They’re absolutely stumped! Not for long – let me at them and I’ll share key concepts that will make it understandable. What you need to know, put in human terms – no geek speak allowed!
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Rave Reviews

“Laurie’s insightful intellect, content-savvy brain, writing skills, and deep knowledge of Google, Social, SEO and SEM are a huge asset for any company that needs a great wordsmith mind at the table – and wants to expand into strategic, smart content marketing. l hired Laurie a few years ago when I was looking for some SEO genius for one of my main clients: The Home Ranch. Her insights and recommendations for our SEO & content marketing campaigns were a crucial ingredient to our increased web presence – and our long-term financial growth. She is whip-smart, creative, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.”
– Erik Lunde, The Home Ranch

Rave Reviews
Rave Reviews

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